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I love this picture. My Nigel. 🐃❤️ (at The Naylair)
Aw ❤️ my two babies back at home. Mia & Nigel. THANK YOU to @tomrulesall for taking care of them when I had to leave. 💙 #nationaldogday
I keep looking at the photos from this weekend and think about how happy this weekend made me. Had an awesome time with friends and family. Thank you to everyone that hung out and sorry to others I didn’t get to see! 💗

I need to stop
being in love
with the ideas of
what could have been.

We could have
slowly inched closer
and held each other
a little tighter.
We could have
laughed a little harder
and fallen in love
some more.

There are so many things
that could have happened,
but did not.
We almost were.
We almost were.
And we almost happened,
cupid almost won.
But he didn’t.
And we didn’t,

We could have
lasted too,
oh darling,
I’m sure we could have.
We were almost there.


A Story A Day #236 by M.D.L

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"Don’t ever feel bad for making a decision that upsets other people. You are not responsible for their happiness. You are responsible for your happiness."

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Title Fight
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  1. faking confidence is the first step to real confidence
  2. not everyone is going to like you and that’s okay
  3. your friends will like you a lot more if you’re honest and upfront
  4. you don’t have to get out of bed every day
  5. it’s okay to cry
  6. ask yourself what’ve you got to lose when you can’t make a decision
  7. some people are just bad people, don’t try to change them
  8. 99% of problems can be fixed if you speak to the person you have a problem with
  9. if you love someone, tell them
  10. the first few people you think of when you say “no one cares” are the people who care the most
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